I bet you haven’t seen this before. What do you do with an “antique” sled, especially when you live in the south? You make it a hanger for kitchen pots, of course. This is a Yankee Clipper sled, circa 1970 that we used when I was a wee, little lad. For a few years we lived in a small town in New York, at the bottom of a large hill. It was quite a spectacle to see kids and adults alike descending the road on the hill, at night no less. 

These days, it has a more relaxed duty just hanging around in my parent’s kitchen. It looks happy there.

What do you do with an

2 thoughts on “Yankee Clipper

  1. Sooo Cute and yes, happy! I love the blue pots and pans. I want one!

  2. Love your choice of objects to photo. Loved putting it together. Full of great memories and part of your life also.You honor us by using parts of our lives in your work. Love you, Mom

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