About Tim Stanley

Tim at Windy Point overlook close to the Continental Divide between Creed and Lake City Colorado.

Welcome to Tim Stanley Photography.

A little about me…

On a middle-school field-trip to NASA, I borrowed my parents’ Kodak 126 film camera with flash cubes. Needless to say, the pictures didn’t come out at all like I expected or wanted. That started me on my photo journey through high school and later.

I shot film for many years, but just before my film gear became obsolete, I sold it with the intent to reinvest in new digital cameras, but life got in the way and I never did. (Insert a long transition representing a ten year lapse with little photography, other than my wife’s snapshot camera.)

In 2008, I purchased my first DSLR. Then in the fall of 2010, I discovered High Dynamic Range photography, which led me on a journey to learn more about photo processing skills. Add to that a love for mountains and travel and you get a recipe for a lifelong quest.

Today, I continue to explore techniques and grow as a photographer. I also enjoy sharing with others what I have learned and help them discover this fascinating art form. I encourage anyone who wants to take better photos to just jump in and start. Digital photography has made it cheaper and easier for anyone to get involved… and create.

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All images are copyrighted and use of any photo, for any application, may only occur after permission is given and/or a license fee has been  negotiated. Please contact me at timstanleyphoto@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to work with you for your photographic needs.


I previously listed publications or websites where my images were used, but we know that is not going to influence your opinion of my work. I am extremely grateful for those that choose to purchase my prints or digital images and those publications that have highlighted my work.

Please contact me if I can answer any questions. Prints of all types are now available using Fine Art America’s (aka Pixels.com) great print ordering system and you will love their quality. All prints come with a 30 day guarantee, available in many styles and options, delivered straight to you.