Recently, the time between my posts here has increased for various reasons. First, life gets in the way. There are family events and day to day things that need to come before a photo blog like this, or even my desire to go shooting when I would like. And this past year seems to have had it’s share of events.

Secondly, and maybe more relevant is that when I look through my photo library, I do not seem as inspired as I used to be. This may be because I have seen my photos too many times and have gotten use to, or bored with them. I have posted images before that I thought were just “filler” material, but they would generate more comments on social media, like Facebook, than I would expect.

As I learn more about photography, I may be thinking that I can do better than the images I have shot and not posted. My self-imposed standards have gone up and I get more selective in what I want to post. Not to mention that my taste may be slowly changing too.

I know for the viewer, it is not clear if I post am image because I really like it, or because I think I “have” to post something. Either way, I still enjoy the photography and this blog, as it continues to motivate me to shoot more and improve. I guess I am still a work in-progress.

Today’s Texas Sunset photo is more in the “filler” category, though I still like the colors. I hope you do too.


Texas Sunset by Tim Stanley Photography

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