Taking photos of large buildings can be a lot of fun with the right equipment (tripod, lens, and camera of course). But sometimes it can be challenging, as it only takes one car, person or object to get in the way. I was at this building at sunset only to find a truck park by the curb, with no way to shoot around it. So off I go, only to return later after dark. I still got a decent shot, but it might have been better under earlier lighting. The lesson here is to help your local photographer; no loitering in front of landmarks.

Though not as large as it’s neighbor, the smaller suburb of Sugar Land lies southwest of downtown Houston. And although it’s City Hall may not be as large as Houston’s City Hall, it’s none-the-less, just as grand. Most people do not see this side, but would recognize the other side, as it faces the Town Square. It’s actually the same design, just no clock tower. 

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