lt was a busy morning at work and some friends wanted to go to lunch. Someone suggests Mongolian stir-fry. Huh? Say what? I’m thinking burgers, sub sandwich or other regular lunch fare. I’m up for an adventure (oh boy) so I go along. It’s one of those new style places where you assemble your order in a cafeteria style line, then they cook it all for you and deliver it to your table. Wow. I was pleasantly surprised with large portions and really good food.

While we ate, we talked a little photography and I noticed the brick wall with all the great textures and back-lit sign. So, like a nerd, I stand up and take an iPhone photo of their cool sign, thinking I might use it later. Well, this is later. The fact that I like lights had absolutely no bearing on me taking this photo. Okay, almost none.

Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.