There are big stores, and there are really big stores. You know the type. You walk in and feel like you just entered a sports stadium and you’re not really sure which way to turn. 

I was at a car show by a Bass Pro Shop in Pearland, TX and thought I would see what was inside. I asked at the customer service counter if they would mind if I took a few photos and they were said sure thing, don’t mind a bit. It was still early, so it wasn’t very crowded, but the lighting was tricky, with spotlights and high overhead windows. Still, it made for an interesting walk around, not to mention a lot of great merchandise to look over. 

The most interesting item had to be this longhorn over the customer entrance. It made me think more of a hayloft than a pasture, but hey (pun intended) it makes for a great visual for folks visiting for the first time.

The most interesting item at the Bass Pro Shop had to be this Texas longhorn standing over the customer entrance.



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