A few times during the year, I and a few friends will visit the zoo, then after dark, we venture downtown to find some building or scene that we think might make an interesting image. On this trip, I was driving and went down a road I didn’t mean to, but it took us right by South Main Baptist Church. I knew that there was a church by that name in Houston, but had never driven by it before, since it’s in a part of town I’m seldom in. We did a 180 and found a parking spot, then spent the next half hour walking around trying not to get in each other’s shot. The grounds were pretty and well manicured, with a large fountain all lit up, just for us.

Driving around Houston after dark, we found South Main Baptist Church all lit up, just for us. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

4 thoughts on “South Main Baptist Church

  1. That is a gorgeous picture of my church! Do you sell or share your images?

  2. Thanks Kelly. I do sell a few photos, not as a real business, but on the outside chance someone wants a copy. This image can be found here.

  3. Come back someday to see the sanctuary from the inside–a hidden Houston gem.

  4. I would very much enjoy the opportunity to view and photography South Main from the inside. The photos I’ve seen look great, and would like to try my spin on it… It’s a beautiful building to worship in.

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