As 2012 settles into the history books, I thought a sunset would be an appropriate image for today. This was taken three nights ago and it was about as windy and cold as it gets here in Houston. Brrrrr.

I usually get a bit depressed during the New Year holiday. It’s a reminder that another year has gone by and I’m another year older. But I’m trying to take a positive attitude (my close friends are laughing now). I know that I’m no different from anyone else. We all face challenges and hardships and if we are fortunate, we have good times mixed in. I try to remember that the present is just that, a present.

Photography has reminded me of the new sights and opportunities there are to experience. As I look for new subjects, it reminds me not to take things for granted, like people, sunsets and even weekends. 

From a photographic standpoint, I was blessed this year to visit Europe for the first time with my family and another trip to Florida for a week. Though I have learned more about image processing, I know it’s the skill and art of taking the photo in the camera that requires the most practice and persistance.

Remembering that the present is a present, everything from here on is icing on the cake. According to the Mayans, we should all be gone now anyway.

Join me this next year as I continue to share some of my favorite images. This blog continues to broaden my “exposure” to new subjects and styles of shooting. Your comments here, on Facebook and Google+ are a great encouragement to me and very much appreciated! I look forward to hearing from you as we continue this photographic journey together. 

Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013.

As 2012 settles into the history books, I thought a sunset from a cold evening three nights ago would be an appropriate image for the last day of the year. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.



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