One thing that I didn’t realize until touring various cathedrals in London and Paris, is that they are the resting places of some of their countries most famous people. The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is no exception. The only difference is that no one very famous (by today’s standards) is buried there. What you will find are a few tombs and mausoleums of officials of the church, such as bishops and cardinals. Many of France’s more famous citizens are interned or buried at the Invalides, the Panthéon and other famous structures.

I’m not sure if this is the tomb of a bishop or cardinal at Notre-Dame, but I’ll let you read the inscription on the side for yourself and decide.

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is the resting place of officials of the church, such as bishops and cardinals, but no one famous by today's standards. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.



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