Long before the iPod, in a galaxy far, far, away….

I’m going to tease you just a bit. I’ll reveal this slowly and not all in one photo. Sometimes, the details are as interesting as the whole item.

In case you haven’t figured out what this is, it’s the platters (that’s what I call them) that hold the records to a juke box. Question is, what brand and what year? I’ll admit, I don’t know the exact year, but I do know a close time frame. Go ahead, give it your best shot and tell me what you think! I’ll give you a bigger hint in the next photo in this series.

Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

One thought on “Platters

  1. I worked on a volunteer project to digitize out-of-print LP records for a digital collection. One of the challenges we had was training volunteers in how to handle a record. Most of them, college-aged kids, had never operated a turntable or held a record. I’m not that old, but I sure felt it that first day. Great shot.

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