It was my last evening in Florida and I headed out for a last sunset. I was trying a different location for the Pensacola Beach skyline that I scouted out earlier in the day, but I wasn’t sure if it would work well. It wasn’t too bad, though I wasn’t thrilled with the results. Maybe I’ll feel differently after I process time images later.

While I was shooting, I noticed a dock out in the water behind a shopping area and thought the dock might make for a nice night shot. So after the sun set, I drove over and made my way to the dock. What I didn’t expect was the scene looking back towards the hotel area. The lights and reflections on the water were well worth the extra time. I missed dinner staying out a little longer, but pizza reheats pretty well.


The lights and reflections of the Pensacola skyline on the water shine brightly in the dark of night. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.


3 thoughts on “Pensacola Beach Skyline

  1. That’s what photography is about – Seredipity… You go out looking for a particular kind of place and find an unexpected panorama. Or… you focus your camera lens on an object which you think is the best picture but when you view it later, you realize “your camera” caught another view much better than the one you intended to take. Fun, isn’t it?

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