“The Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, Texas, is a through-arch bridge across Lake Austin which connects the northern and southern sections of the Loop 360 highway, also known as the “Capital of Texas Highway.” Wikipedia

I had seen a few photos of this bridge and wanted a chance to shoot it next time in Austin. That opportunity came recently when my friend and I attended a weekend conference. We arrived just before sunset and hiked up a steep rock path to the top of the overlook. Normally, this would not had been a problem, except for a sore knee that had been bothering me for the previous week. Taking my time, I finally made it and it was worth the effort.  It was fun trying different exposures and waiting for the traffic in both directions to hit the bridge at just the right time. We did have to wait for some sight-seers to move, but most left as the sun set, since there was no lighting up there or on the path. Not to worry though. These “boy scouts” had flashlights and made a safe downward return.


The Pennybacker Bridge at twilight over Lake Austin is lit by the light trails of cars in this time exposure. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.