This past spring, I stayed at a Disney resort for the first time, at the Coronado Springs to be exact. The one thing I noticed almost immediately was their attention to detail and every view seemed to be purposefully planned. Nothing there is by chance. Everywhere you turned something caught your eye. Each area of the resort seemed to have a centerpiece or theme which everything revolved around. 

Having spent several hours on the airplane, then shuttle bus, I was anxious to walk around the complex. I enjoy walking around at night, not just to take photos, but to experience the quiet and calm that late night can bring. The cooler air and stillness gives a sense of relaxation that daytime does not offer. 

In this one section between buildings, a large fountain took center stage, with a line of palm trees leading the visitor to the center. 

The Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, has one section between buildings with a large fountain taking center stage, and a line of palm trees leading the visitor to the center. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.