My brother Patrick has been an old car enthusiast for as long as I can remember. His favorite has always been the Edsel and he has owned several over the years and still does. I would sometimes accompany he and our Dad to swap meets, where they were always on the lookout for old car parts they could use or resell. So it was just normal for us to take a day trip to La Grange, TX to visit Thunderbird Southwest for a part to his other car (more on that in a few days). Way out in the back, there are a few fields of various lots of old cars, most in an old and rusted condition, used only for parts. I know Patrick probably had a lump in his throat when he saw this old Edsel that had literally been put out to pasture. Many thanks to the owner, Lance Herrington, for allowing me to take some shots while my brother shopped.


An old Edsel that had literally been put out to pasture, sits in a field with other old, antique autos. By Tim Stanley Photography