If you enjoy photography as a hobby or business, you shoot a lot of photos. Organizing them can be a challenge. As I was fixing to post today’s photo of Notre Dame in Paris, I noticed I posted one very similar to it back in August of 2012. Sorry about that.

But what is interesting is how different they both look. I’m not sure that my style has changed as much in the camera. I still enjoy the wide, sweeping images of a wide angle lens, but I believe the difference lies more in my processing style in the computer. Some of it has to do with learning the software and what it can do. But some of it also depends on the mood I am in when I sit at the computer to process the HDR images (three or more images merged together for great detail and color depth). Neither version of the photo is right or wrong, as all art is subjective. 

I like today’s photo better over the previous version for many reasons.  But who knows, if I try it again in another year or two, I might like that version better than this one.

Today’s photo:  

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography

August 2012 photo:

We first saw the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral at night, and even then you could see it was something to marvel at. We didn't tour the inside until later, but it was just as grand on the inside. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.