Just outside Honfleur, France is an incredible bridge. You don’t expect this type of contemporary design in the middle of the French countryside. I noticed The Normandy Bridge in the distance when we entered Honfleur from the other side of town and wondered if we would get a closer look later. As it turned out, our return trip back to Paris took us right over it. 

Our tour guide cleared it with our bus driver and I was able to sit in the small jump seat by the door, giving me a great view through the front windshield. The driver was nice enough to clean it just before we crossed.
Completed in 1995, this massive bridge, which crosses the Seine, measures over 2,800 feet at its longest section and 1.3 miles in total, a world-record for its type when it was built.
 Just outside Honfleur, France is the incredible Normandy Bridge. You don't expect this type of contemporary design in the middle of the French countryside. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.