It used to be a time when the only place to buy a computer was Radio Shack. Then the large electronic box stores started carrying them in force. Your boutique or local specialized stores popped up to help those who were technically challenged and could afford their custom service. 

The new trend seems to be the brand name store. Apple is the most successful example of this model with more stores springing up all the time. More recently, Microsoft has opened a few stores. Their stores look suspiciously a lot like their previously mentioned competitor, but when I visited, didn’t seem to have the same amount of traffic.

Did Microsoft ‘want’ to build stores across the country? Probably not. But in an attempt to stay in the public eye and maintain brand recognition, were probably forced to do so. Will they succeed? Well, how many people do you know that have purchased something from an Apple store vs. people who have bought something from a Microsoft store?

This is the entrance to the Microsoft store in the Houston Galleria, not far from the Apple store.