One thing that I have enjoyed about doing this blog is what I have learned. Sure, I continue to learn about photography, but more than that, are the subjects I have to write about. For instance, did you know…

The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the world with one of the highest densities of clinical facilities for patient care, basic science, and translational research. Located in Greater Houston, the center contains 50 medicine-related institutions, including 15 hospitals and two specialty institutions, three medical schools, fournursing schools, and schools of dentistry, public health, pharmacy, and other health-related practices. All 50 institutions are not-for-profit. Exceeding one thousand acres in size, the center is larger than downtown Dallas.  Wikepedia

Can you believe that? Really! Our Medical Center is larger than downtown Dallas! Ha!

This evening view of the Medical Center is from McGovern Lake in Hermann Park. The Houston Zoo is just to the left between the trees and the Center.

This evening view of the Medical Center is from McGovern Lake in Herman Park.The Houston Zoo lies between the lake and the Center. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.