One thing that surprised me on my first visit to a Disney resort was the attention to detail. Everywhere you looked, there was something that you didn’t expect to see. When I stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort, every building had its own centerpiece or architectural attraction. It might be a multi-tiered fountain, a rose garden or in this case, a long reflecting pool with lion fountains around the perimeter. 

On this evening out, I only had my iPhone and had to hold it out over the water to get this shot. I had this fear I would drop my phone and my trip would take a turn for the worse. But, I relaxed and tried to hold it still enough for a sharp image. Due to their small sensor, iPhone photos at night are typically noisy, and I certainly didn’t have a tripod for this low light image. After several attempts though, I managed one that I was pleased with. 

Every building at the Coronado Springs Resort had its own centerpiece or architectural attraction, like this long reflecting pool with lion fountains around the perimeter. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.