Behind Thunderbird Southwest  lies the Bone Yard, a collection of old cars that have been “put out to pasture.”  When my brother and I visited last fall, we found that it stretched out much farther than we had time to check out. With every old classic we did past, we wondered if someone might come along one day and decide to make that car their “project” vehicle. There sure were lots out there to choose from too. This little old Nash Metropolitan just needs a little paint, some new upholstery and away you go. Maybe.


One thought on “Just Rusting Away

  1. I can just imagine this beautiful old car restored to its original condition with a gorgeous coat or two of an electric blue paint with white side wall tires… Hmm, then I imagine having the keys in my hand, slipping into the driver’s seat and going for a quiet drive in the country. Aww, dreaming is nice!

    I was looking at your Mission Concepcion pictures and as usual I couldn’t resist exploring some of your other photos. They are truly inspiring!

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