We were getting ready for supper when one of my kids yelled, “We forgot the cats!’ They had agreed to check in on a friend’s cats while they were out of town. My family had been out all day and now after dinner, they still needed a ride to play with the cats. As we’re driving over there, I see pretty clouds, causing my internal sunset alarm to go off. Being the patient dad that I am (sometimes), we play with the cat and I actually forget about the setting sun. On our way back the snooze alarm went back off. I drop by the house, grab the camera and it’s a dash to a local field.

As I’m driving the short distance to a local field (trying my best not to speed) I keep thinking, I’m missing it!

I finally get there and with only moments to spare, take a few shots. Literally seconds later, the light changed and everything turned blah. (That’s the technical term for poor lighting).