Tenba photo insert
Like many photographers, I have more than one camera bag. Depending on what gear I need and where I am going will determine what I carry things in.

I have a Tenba Messenger bag that I enjoy and the camera case insert allows you to remove it and use the bag for other uses. I recently pick up a backpack for my laptop to take on out of town trips and conventions. Wanting to carry my camera gear, I wondered how I could carry all in one backpack, while not looking like I was carrying camera gear all day.

Your favorite backpack
Backpack with photo insert
Drop a photo insert into the large middle section for a great backpack combo.
Just for grins, I tried the Tenba insert into the main section of the backpack and it worked great. This allows me to carry tons of things in all the zippered sections of the backpack, while the camera gear rests safely in the center section. Admittedly, there is more room for it to move around if I was to invert the backpack, but i don’t typically do that.

So far, it’s worked great. I can carry a body with a wide-angle lens with hood attached, extra lenes or flash. The pockets of the backpack hold filters, batteries and all the smaller items too. The cost of the insert and a backpack are much less expensive than a typical photo backpack and you look like any other tourist carrying personal items instead of expensive gear. The insert can lift right out, so you still have the old backpack for books or overnight items. Tamrac makes a photo insert that may work just as well, though I have not actually used it.

Tamrac makes a photo insert that can work on many backpacks also.