One of the nicest things about the country are the small streams you find. Some flow year-round, while others flow only after a heavy rain somewhere upstream. The glistening water cascading off of rocks, combined with the sounds of the rushing water entices the visitor to stay a while and enjoy the peace of the moment. And enjoy that moment you should, for reality sweeps back all too soon and reminds you, of what just moments ago, you were trying to forget.

This little footbridge spans over the stream by Graves Mountain Lodge in Virginia. 


2 thoughts on “The Stream by Graves Mountain Lodge

  1. Spent my daughters 10th birthday camping with our horses. If she wasn’t in the saddle she was in the stream by the lodge with her girl friend. They caught minnows for hours. Both girls returned home with bruised little feet and bottoms but they talk more about the time they spent in the “river” then the hours of riding we enjoyed too! Some very special memories were formed that will last them a lifetime!

  2. We were there only for a few hours visiting, but wished we could have stayed a week. It’s so peaceful and beautiful there!

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