I have my brother-in-law to thank for helping us stay at Grand Hyatt Washington D.C. Hotel, just blocks from all of the attractions. Thanks James! Adjacent to the hotel is a Metro stop (subway) which made it even more convenient to the rest of the city. The Metro can be a bit confusing when first experienced, but once you figure how the tickets work, it’s really pretty simple. It beats fighting traffic or walking at ground level and is extremely clean and fast. The atrium style hotel was quite pretty, so I went out late one night and took shots from many vantage points. I thought the tripod might have drawn some questions, but no one seemed to mind.

When we visited Washington D.C., we were fortunate to stay at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, just blocks from all of the attractions.

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  1. I can not imagine with architecture this beautiful not seeing tripods around. Amazing photo. Even with relatives just outside the district, I may have to stay here. Just added to the bucket list.

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