I have always enjoyed taking photos, but it wasn’t until I discovered high dynamic range (HDR) photos that I had the desire to really start shooting on a regular basis. For a long time, I felt like I wanted to blog about something, but didn’t have a topic I could maintain for any length of time. So a photo blog seemed like a perfect match. I’m enjoying this combination, but it does take time, work and a lot of photos to choose from. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

Needing a constant supply of new materials, I’ll do an occasional photo walk. You pick a location and with camera and tripod in hand, you just walk around and see what catches your eye. Last Friday evening, my family and a few friends went to Sugar Land Town Square and did just that. My friends took photos too, while the family went shopping. It’s a pretty place at Christmas, so I know I’ll return then, but Friday evening in August has a feel all it’s own. I’ll post a few more from this evening in the coming days. I’ve learned that the inspiration and photos don’t come to you. You need to go find them.

I wonder where to go next… 

The Sugar Land Town Square is a pretty place at Christmas, so I know I'll return then, but Friday evening in August has a feel all it's own for photographers. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

2 thoughts on “Friday Evening at the Town Square

  1. Tim, I just read your narrative about the sugar land Town Square, you mentioned you wonder where to go next. There is a place I found to be so amazingly beautiful and few people know about it. It might sound morbid, but it’s part of life. It’s Glenwood Cemetary off of Washington Ave near downtown, it sits next to a very very old cemetery named Washington Cementary. My fathers family is buried in old Washingon Cementary so I’m familiar with both. Old Washington has very old markers, dating back to when the Allens landing in Houston as it’s backs up to the bayou off of Allen parkway. Old Washington had no perpetual care and was in terrible condition, yet my family would go and clean the family graves, when my father passed away in 1989, I ask rather than send flowers for people to send money for maintance, I was told that was the first time it had ever been done. A few yrs back Glenwood which shared a common fence with Washington took down the fences and now it’s cared for as one cementary, although it’s two actually. When you drive through the cementary it’s very obvious the Glenwood was a cementary for high society river oaks families with the incredible markers and Washington was not. Washington has a lot of woodsmen of the world markers which are no longer seen in newer cementaries. Glenwood has beautiful lanes the curve and have retaining walls, there are hughe oak trees that are cabled because their size is so large and the span so vast in order to keep them from breaking it had to be protected, it’s a calming peaceful place right within the city’s hussel and bussel, but it’s now a final resting place for the likes of Howard Hughes and numerous other from high society. It’s beauty is overwhelming and should be captured to be shared. I hope you will consider going there and photographing it’s magnificent beauty for others to enjoy. I’ve so enjoyed you photos and I hope I’ve not offended in suggesting you photography a cementary.

    Gale Wilhite

  2. Gale,
    I’m glad you’re enjoying the photos and I appreciate the idea. I haven’t heard of it before, but I’ve seen some really great photos from older cemeteries. It sounds like a great place to go and I’ll definitely have to go check it out.

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