The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to a swift end to the Pacific battle in Word War II. The best collection of stories, artifacts and information on the Pacific war I have seen is at the National Museum of the Pacific War. This museum extends the older Nimitz Museum and is a hidden gem in Fredericksburg, TX.

The entire visit leads you to the final invasion of “Little Boy” and “Fat Man”, prior to the surrender of the Japanese. Your ticket to the museum is a two day pass. There is a lot to see and read, so take your time and use both days.

An interesting note is that the second atomic bomb, codename “Fat Man”, was targeted for Kokura, Japan. Smoke from the previous day’s bombing made it impossible to see the target, even after three bomb runs. The B-29 Superfortress “Bockscar” proceeded to the alternative target of Nagasaki. Clouds there also obscured the site, but at the last minute, the bombardier found a hole in the clouds.

Below is their replica of Fat Man. At least I hope it’s a replica.


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