St Mary de Castro is a church in the grounds of Dover Castle, Kent, south-east England. It is a heavily restored Saxon structure, built next to a Roman lighthouse which became the church bell-tower. St Mary is still a thriving church serving the Army and local population, and is the church of the Dover Garrison.

The plaque on the outside this little cathedral reads:

Church of St. Mary-in-Castro
It was in ruins by 1720, and restored as the Garrison Church in 1826 by Sir George Gilbert Scott.

This little church might hold a hundred or more people, but it’s size is what makes it so quaint. Though not as majestic as some of the larger cathedral’s you find in Europe, you can still appreciate it’s simple beauty.

Imagine crossing the drawbridge of a real castle just to go to church. I’m pretty sure there’s a back entrance closer to a parking lot, but it’s still quite a walk. But that’s okay. People in Europe walk a lot more than Americans. Maybe we should follow their example.

St. Mary de Castro is a thriving little church in Dover Castle serving the Army and local population, and is the church of the Dover Garrison. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.


3 thoughts on “Dover’s Church of St. Mary in Castro

  1. I do miss these historic churches now that I am state-side. This is a marvelous restoration and a great capture to show off the simplicity of design and the unusual seating arrangement – parallel to the nave instead of facing the alter.

  2. The area photographed is in front of the pews. The parallel seating is actually the choir loft! The layout is similar in the larger cathedrals, except that everything is much larger.

  3. Oh wow! Would I ever like to sit down inside this little church when all is quiet or attend a service. Such beautiful history.

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