While the summer here has not been as dry and hot as some previous years, it can still get hot. Feeling a bit guilty that I haven’t spent enough time with our dog, we packed up the car and headed for the local dog park. I wanted to go to a new one we found, but my wife mentioned that we could grab a cold milkshake on the way, if we went to the “old” park. Done deal. So off to the “old” dog park we go.

Our border collie, Misty, loves people and likes dogs, just not in large quantities. She says hi to all the people and stays away from the large packs of dogs playing together. For some reason, she loves little dogs though. She loves the pond too, but does not have the courage to swim in the middle. Instead she either lays in the shallows, or dives her face into it, as if she is looking for something. Either way, she has fun and goes home tired. We had fun watching her have fun and were tired too. Mission accomplished.

On the last trip or two, I’ve taken my camera and find it challenging to grab a good image. These dogs do not sit still and the backgrounds are very distracting, so you shoot a lot and come away with only a few you like.

If you want to see more of Misty and her friends, visit HERE.


A day at the dog park can be rewarding for both your dog and for the photographer. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.