It was our first full day in Colorado and our destination was downtown Denver. We started by taking the commuter train in from the suburbs into downtown and departed in an area full of construction. We soon found our first photo stop just a block away, the historic Denver Union Station.

In 1880, the owners of four different railroad lines agreed to build a central station at 17th and Wynkoop Streets. The station opened in May 1881. Throughout the years, it has been through numerous renovations, with a massive update completed just a few years ago. This blend of the modern architecture of the open air train hall, the historic Union Station and the Crawford Hotel make for a great visual experience.


Union Station, Denver, Co. Photo by Tim Stanley


Union Station, Denver, Co. Photo by Tim Stanley

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  1. Incredible minds that can visualize, design and build these winding man-made structures. It takes not only vision but determination to finish this kind of structure that moves people to points all over their city.

    Great shot showing the intricacies and beauty of this railway system.

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