For many years, my family has enjoyed going to the beach in Pensacola, Florida. It almost feels like a second home, as we would stay for a week during the off-season. Often you would find yourself alone on the beach, feeling like it was all your own.  I always thought of myself more of a “lake person” than a “beach person” but I have learned to appreciate and enjoy the wonders of the surf, sky and sand that a beautiful beach offers.

Many times, you would find yourself alone on the beach, feeling like it was all your own.  Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

3 thoughts on “Blue Umbrella

  1. I like pretty much anything you do, photogrpahy wise, but this one “Blue Umbrella” inspires me 🙂
    Makes me want to go there…

  2. I like this one! Need to make a trip to the beach.

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