As large and majestic as many of the cathedrals in England and France were, I was surprised to find smaller nooks and rooms were visitors could worship, pray or just meditate. Some of the areas were obviously not open to the public, but many were. It was an opportunity for someone to move out of the wave of tourists and sit and reflect on whatever was important at the moment. It was areas like this that allowed you to focus your attention on a smaller portion of the church and appreciate the history that you were in the presence of. 

This is just one of several “small” areas in the Rouen Cathedral in France.

This is just one of several



One thought on “A Little Corner to Worship

  1. The small side chapels are always worth taking the time to look at. I would say, though, that this is where you will find the truly devoted so additional care not to disturb them is of primary importance. From the emptiness of this image Tim it looks like you were able to move about without restriction. You have done nicely controlling the candles. As low a light as they give out, they always seem to create problems for me when taking HDR brackets as they become blurry blown-out highlights.

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