I’m not a super geek, or computer freak, but I do consider myself somewhat computer savvy. But it still surprises me how many people know very little about the power of the internet, in relation to online applications. I’m referring to the types of sites that allow you to do something that previously required application running on your desktop.

The convenience factor is a main selling point. These online applications give you access to your content from any computer that can connect to the internet. Many apps may also have a custom app for your mobile phone too. Because many of us do not back up our data regularly, we don’t have to fear that your computer might crash and you lose your data.

Here is a list of just a few of the many sites or types of sites to get you started.

A virtual hard drive is nice for transporting files from one device to another, or just keeping an off-site file for safe keeping. Most services like this offer a free account for around 2 gbs. The cost for more is very reasonable too.

This note-taking site has an app for all popular devices, plus browsers. It’s great for taking notes, stories or keeping a journal. It has a great search engine and you can attach photos, audio files and more.

Though I haven’t actually used this site myself (yet), it comes recommended by friends who keep their financial balances for their bank accounts.

This is just a start. What services do you use and really like? Let me know and I might add them to my personal list too.