For many years, Houston was an oil city full of good ‘ole boys and thought of as the energy capital of the world. But back during the oil crunch of the ’80s, Houston learned it had to diversify economically. That diversification has helped it during later lean economic times. That same diversification brought changes to its people.

Today, it’s one of the most ethnic diversified populations anywhere. Visit a public classroom and you might need four or five hands to count all the countries represented. With new cultures bring new foods, stores, places of worship and more. You no longer need to travel overseas to experience new and interesting cultures.

This is another view of the Hindu Mandir.

5 thoughts on “Ethnic Changes

  1. Tim that’s just so beautiful, reminds me of a Thomas Kincaid painting. I just love your work and your narrative adds so much to each pic. Thanks again for sharing you works with us!

  2. Thanks Gale and Kris. This was the first photo I took that evening and probably one of my favorite from that shoot. I’m hoping to shoot some of the other ethnic examples around town soon too. Since I can’t afford to go overseas, it’s the next best thing!

  3. This is a cracking shot Tim. Has an almost dreamlike quality to it. Top stuff!

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