Over the last six months, I may not have been taking many creative images, but I have been shooting. Shooting what, you say? I had the privilege of taking an engagement photo shoot, then the subsequent wedding. Following that came multiple assignments of architectural photography. Squeezed in between, I still managed to take a trip or two downtown also.

I don’t typically do weddings. Not because I can’t deliver a technically good set of images, but wedding photography takes a good eye, the ability to adapt and solve problems on the fly, all while being creative and staying calm under pressure. The several I’ve shot have all turned out well and the clients seemed pleased. But simply put, they’re just a little stressful. With more practice, I’m sure I would relax and enjoy them for the creativity that they can afford. I have a lot of respect for those photographers that make their living that way.

I have shot architectural photography off and on over the years, but only recently have been able to photograph these subjects more often. Shooting inside mostly, the goal is to deliver an image where the client wants to spotlight certain aspects of the room or equipment. It might be unique overhead lighting, wall panels, built-in cabinets and such. While not as fast paced as a wedding, it still has its challenges and rewards.

Below is just a small sample of the variety of assignments recently.