Golden Valley

For a guy from the flat lands of the Gulf coast, it seems like everywhere you turn in Colorado, the view is breathtaking. One of the best views is a stretch on Highway 82 between Aspen and Twin Lakes, known as Independence Pass. Our trip took us almost three hours just to drive the 20 miles to the top; not because of traffic or anything, but because we were pulling over for photo opportunities. The day we went, the clouds were clinging to the top of the mountains, like a smokey veil. While the colors may not have been as vibrant as a sunny day, it had a peaceful sense of wonder, yet mystery.

This panoramic scene was taken just leaving Aspen on a small bridge just off of 82. It was a great way to start our trip up Independence Pass.


Golden Valley by Tim Stanley

One thought on “Golden Valley

  1. Wow! Talking about breathtaking! I gasped when I saw this beautiful shot. I think Colorado is just a small reminder of what heaven will be like for us!! I can just imagine walking and talking with Jesus in a setting like this.

    What an incredible gift God gave to you when He gave you this trip! Then you give it to us through your pictures! Thank you, Tim!

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