The Phantom and the Turtle

One nice thing about museums is you can see great collections in one location. In the corner of Hanger Bay One at the National Naval Aviation Museum are two great pieces of history. 

Hanging from the ceiling is the P2V-1 Neptune, aka the Truculent Turtle. It was specially modified in 1946 to increase its range to cover the transoceanic distances necessary to perform its ASW and sea-surveillance functions. The message would be unmistakable at home and abroad. The Navy could reach virtually any point on the globe if it chose to do so.

The F-4N Phantom II is from the aircraft carrier Midway. While serving on board the carrier in 1972, the aircraft downed a MiG-19 fighter during aerial combat over North Vietnam. 

 In the corner of Hanger Bay One at the National Naval Aviation Museum are the P2V-1 Neptune, aka the Truculent Turtle and the F-4N Phantom II from the aircraft carrier Midway.


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