1100 Louisiana

It’s amazing how just crossing the street of a large city can offer an entirely different look. Across the intersection from the Wells Fargo Plaza is 1100 Louisiana. At the base of this 55 story  building are long fountains that light up nicely at night. It’s scenes like this that daytime visitors miss. You have to come back a night to appreciate the sights you don’t see during the day.

It’s almost impossible to take a shot like this with only one exposure. It’s this type of lighting challenge and subject that make me appreciate the tools we now have with digital photography that allow photographers to create such images. If you haven’t guessed from previous posts, it’s downtown shots like this that I really enjoy capturing and processing.

At the base of this 55 story building are long fountains that light up nicely at night. It's scenes like this the daytime visitor miss. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.


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2 thoughts on “1100 Louisiana

  1. Love the look you have got on the water cascading from the fountain. This makes the image for me.

  2. Beautiful shot. Love the flowing water and glistening lights.

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