A Hard Sunset to Shoot

I have a tendency to over-plan sometimes. I don’t go so far as to write down lists, but I do have mental items I go through. But sometimes I miss the forest for the trees.

I had been watching the clouds and knew there was a good chance for a nice sunset. As chance would have it, I had to run an errand at about the same time, so I hurried out of the house and pulled into a small park just before they closed. I ran out to an open area to take what I knew would be an awesome sunset photo. Upon my first photo, I get the message “No CF Card”.  NOOOOO!!!!!  The camera didn’t have a memory card and having left my camera bag at home, I knew I didn’t have any more with me.

Okay, take a deep breath and think. My next best option was the only other camera with me, my iPhone. So holding this nice camera in one hand, I pull out the iPhone in the other and shoot a few shots before sulking back to the car.

The lesson here is not to forget the obvious. I’ll be checking for the memory cards twice next time I go shooting.

I ran out to shoot a pretty sunset, but after forgetting my memory card, my next best option was the only other camera with me, my iPhone. Photo by Tim Stanley Photography.

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